Pisko SafeLine wire system

With Pisko SafeLine wire system, moving on building roofs is safer than ever before. A fall protection safety system based on a completely similar principle has never been on the market before.

It is recommended that the system is installed as a part of the Pisko access ways, but it can also be installed directly to the roof structure with separately type-tested stand-alone applications. Pisko SafeLine wire system, made of stainless steel, is versatile – implementation can be continuous full-length wire or assembled from cut-to-length wires.

The system is certified as a whole, i.e. type testing has been carried out with the fixing systems in such assembly as it is meant to be used in a building. The P-marking indicates that the technical requirements are met in full.

Safety for the entire time moving above ground level

Pisko SafeLine wire system is safe and functional total solution for a uniform safety rope anchoring point. The user is attached to the wire system all the time to prevent falling. In the event of a fall, the system will safely stop the fall. The user attaches himself to the system at ground level and does not have to move the safety rope from one anchoring point to another at any point when moving above the ground level. The user only disconnects from the system when returning to the ground. The system also prevents the user from moving unnecessarily in the most dangerous areas of the roof.


Installer friendly ensemble

Pisko SafeLine wire system is easy and fast to install. Thanks to the design of the wire holder bracket, there is no need to push the wire through the brackets during installation. The hinge part of the fastener locks the wire in place, so there is no need to tension the system separately, and the system is installed to the appropriate tension at once. The Pisko SafeLine system requires fewer parts and fewer installation steps than other similar products on the market. Furthermore, installation can be carried out using standard installation tools – no need for special tools. Another advange is that the wire can be installed in one length and, if necessary, in shorter lengths. The one-piece installation saves time and the end result is uniform.

User friendly system

Wire system takes the user’s security to the next level, additionally, the system is very effortless to use. Wire system’s glider slides very smoothly along the wire with the user. The glider made of acid-resistant steel also works perfectly even in the winter. Several users can be attached to the wire system at the same time as long as they are not attached between the same wire holder brackets. The ladder can be climbed by one user at a time.

Pisko SafeLine vaijerijärjestelmä myös lapetikkaalle.

Wire system components

Pisko SafeLine wire system is a simple package. It consists of a couple of main components and components supplementing the functionality of the system. Components are made of stainless steel.

As complementary accessories there are available terminals to extend the wire as well as a few different options for terminating the wire. Download a more detailed product catalogue here.

Pisko SafeLine wire holder bracket

  • Allows continuous wire runs without separate wire endings or extensions
  • Acts as a wire holder, a tensioner and a guide for the glider

Ladder fixing piece for wire holder

  • Accessory for attaching the wire holder bracket to the Pisko SafeGrip ladder body
  • For use on wall ladders and roof ladders

Glider stopper kit for ladder

  • Stops the glider and prevents the user from falling off the ladder
  • For use on wall ladders and steep (40 degrees or steeper) roof ladders
  • Allows free upward movement, but when descending, the user releases a path for the glider

Glider end stop for wire holder bracket

  • Stops the glider’s movement at the end of an access way
  • For use with ladders and roof walkways


  • Made of acid-resistant steel
  • Also tested as  separate personal protective equipment and the glider has CE marking in accordance with EN 795

8 mm wire

  • In the wire system, it is important to use the dimensionally optimized wire, puchased through Piristeel, so that the fixing strength of the assembly to be installed on site corresponds to the type-tested assembly
  • Available in factory-fitted lengths of wire with extension terminals or in full length coils customized on site


Downloadable material

Below you can find all the downloadable materials on Pisko SafeLine wire system. Be sure to take a look at the White Paper in particular as it is a comprehensive information package on how the system works, how it has been tested and frequently asked questions.

Pisko SafeLine wire system

artikkelikuva itsenäiset kiinnitysratkaisut

Stand-alone solutions for Pisko SafeLine wire system

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