Gutter machines

We offer an extensive range of machines for producing half-round eave gutters. The reliable Rainway gutter machines that form beautiful eave gutter directly from sheet metal coils are favored by professionals around the world. In addition to Finland, we export our machines. Over the years, machines have been delivered as far as the Hawaiian Islands. Our proprietary Pisko gutter profiles, created in the late 1990s and developed further in the 2000s, have gained great popularity in the market.

Wide range of gutter machines for the production of half-round gutters.

Rely on genuine Pisko

Genuine Pisko products fit gutters made with Rainway machines like a glove. Always make sure that they are genuine Pisko products fitting each gutter profile, as low-quality knock-offs have also entered the market in recent years.

We always aim for comprehensive cooperation with our customers so that the purchase of a machine also includes uncomplicated maintenance service and genuine Pisko rainwater system components and roof safety products. This way, we aim to ensure a high level of quality and the highest customer satisfaction possible. Thereby, we can also grant a very long technical warranty of 50 years for the high-quality system.

Gutter machines are manufactured from start to finish in our Kauhava factory.

Our expertise in manufacturing gutter machines goes back a long way.

Gutter machines are adjusted according to the customer's wishes.

Half-round gutter machines

We manufacture Rainway gutter machines for producing 125 mm, 150 mm and 180 mm half-round gutter profile at our factory in Kauhava. Gutter machines are available with accessories for each use.

The basic accessories typically include

1. a machine of the chosen size
2. a manual cut-off
3. 3 or 4 reel coil support stand
4. floor mount coil cradle
5. support stands for running gutter

Optional add-ons include a hydraulic cut-off, digital length measuring device and diverse other accessories. We also manufacture machines for factory production. Rainway HD (Heavy Duty) machines are particularly designed for processing copper, aluminum and hard steel. Rainway is the most popular machine for producing half-round eave gutter in the market.


Gutter machine range

Rainway U-style 5/10 (125 mm)
Rainway U-style 6/12 (150 mm)
Rainway U-style 6/12 HD (150 mm)
Rainway U-style 7 HD (180 mm)

High quality Rainway gutter machine in stylish matte black.

Rainway HD gutter machines are specifically designed for working with copper, aluminium and harder steels.

The most popular gutter machine on the market for the production of half round gutters also with factory settings.

Gutter machine accessories

  • Manual cut-off
  • Hydraulic cut-off
  • Digital length measuring device
  • Run automation with a touchscreen
  • Adjustable factory legs
  • Roll stands
  • De-coiling guidance roller Coil
  • PFloor mount coil cradle
  • Machine-mounted rotating coil cradle
  • Coil cradle transport wheels
  • Run out support stand

K-style gutter machines

In this millennium, the trend has very much favored half-round gutter. Nevertheless, there are abundant uses for angular gutter profile. For producing angular gutter profile, we import gutter machines manufactured by New Tech Machinery, an American company with long traditions. NTM machines are reliable and relatively maintenance-free in professional use. Piristeel Oy is the exclusive reseller of NTM gutter machines in Scandinavia and the Baltic countries.


NTM Mach II 5” (125 mm)
NTM Mach II 6” (150 mm)
NTM Mach II 5/6” Combo (125 mm / 150 mm)


  • Manual cut-off
  • Hydraulic cut-off
  • Digital length measuring device
  • Run automation with a touchscreen
  • Adjustable factory legs
  • Floor mount coil cradle
  • Machine-mounted rotating coil cradle
  • Coil cradle transport wheels
  • Run out support stand
  • NTM Gutter Art decoration device


Take a look at New Tech Machinery equipment at


6" k-style NTM gutter machine.

Maintenance and spare parts

Even the best machine needs regular maintenance to keep on going. We offer our customers extensive maintenance service at our factory. If necessary, we can also service the machines on-site. Spare parts are available for all of our machines quickly and extensively.

Machines not working costs a lot. In our service, we aim to solve problems quickly but completely. When the rolls of the machine are rotating effectively, our customer also prospers.

In connection with the machine delivery, we provide instructions for the most common services recommended to be performed by the customer. The machines should also be serviced at the factory once a year or once every two years, depending on their usage.

First-class after-sales service for gutter machines.


We grant a three-year warranty covering the mechanical components of the machines. Electric components are covered by a one-year warranty. The validity of the warranty is subject to limitations concerning operation, maintenance and storage.

For more information on gutter machines, please contact:

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Tuomo Karhu

Area Sales Manager

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