Dear partner,
We can receive invoices electronically as an Finvoice e-invoice or in PDF format by e-mail.


Our VAT-number is FI29268035

Finvoice e-invoice

E-invoicing address: 003729268035
Invoicing operator: MAVENTA
Operator ID: 003721291126
Our Business ID: FI29268035

Our Mediator Code if sending from Bank Networks is DABAFIHH.
Maventa supports a wide range of different e-invoicing formats and automatically converts the invoices from one format to another. You can check E-invoicing formats supported by Maventa from

If you would like to make sure that your first e-invoice has arrived, you can inquire by e-mail laskutus(at)


You can e-mail invoices in PDF format to address laskutus(at)


If you are unable to send invoices electronically, please provide paper invoices at address:

Piristeel Oy
Metallitie 4

Our reference

Buyer’s reference is madatory information. The reference must contain buyer’s name and separate reference provided by the buyer.

Payment term

Piristeel Oy’s payment term is 60 days net unless otherwise agreed.

We are bound to send incorrect and incomplete invoices back to sender.