Piristeel has launched a significant new product, the Pisko UniSeam fastening system. UniSeam emerged from the desire to develop an even safer and more fitter-friendly fastener for seamed roofs. We also reduce our carbon footprint through the smart use of materials.



Benefits of Pisko UniSeam

  • Superior speed of installation
    • Three times faster installation compared to conventional lock-seam fasteners
  • Very sturdy and close tightening with only two bolts
    • Of the fasteners we tested, the UniSeam fastener has the strongest connection at an individual snow guard fastener, when properly installed. This guarantees that the guard will not slip in the direction of the seam even under heavy snow loads, damaging the roofing.
  • The fasteners take up considerably less storage space.
  • Minimized contact against the roof surface
    • The paint coat remains good – no screw connection against the covering material
    • Reduces the accumulation of debris
    • Reduces condensation and thereby, e.g., algae on the roof
    • Considerable difference from the old – better overall durability for the roof as a whole
  • The fasteners remain straight after installation




Assembling and installing the Pisko UniSeam fastener is significantly faster than before. The innovative clamping providing a very strong connection can be realized with just two carefully planned fastening points – tightening two bolts without opposite tools is extremely fast, easy and efficient. The factory-made threads and collar of the special steel fastening iron ensure strong installation tightness and proper seat of the product, in addition to the ease of installation.



The design of the product achieves considerable benefits in storage and logistics. The products can be stacked with a small footprint, which increases the efficiency of the use of space. Versatility also translates into a smaller number of stock articles, so overall efficiency is significantly improved.



With the Pisko UniSeam technology, you can fasten supplies for both modern snap-lock and mechanically seamed roofs – all with the same fastener. The connection is based on the straightness of the vertical seam, so uneven covering surfaces do not skew the fastener, and the fastener does not touch the smooth surface of the seamed covering at all. The same Pisko UniSeam method is used for fastening snow guards, roof walkways, roof ladders and other roof supplies, meeting the strength requirements of the relevant product standards. The product is safe to use and durable under all conditions.


Gentle to the covering

Pisko UniSeam does not burden the covering surface, as the fastener is only in contact with the vertical seam of the product. The deformation of the vertical seam takes place without sharp fastening claws, so there is less stress on the frame steel and coating of the covering at the connection point. The UniSeam fastener is designed so as to minimize moisture load on the covering – steel surfaces are in contact with each other only at the connection points, so there is less accumulation of dirt and moisture on the covering and seam. The design of the fastener is very slender, straight and light, so the product is excellently suited for use with vertical seam covers with clear-cut lines.


Download the brochure and installation instructions

Brochure – Pisko UniSeam
Snow guard for standing seam roofs, Pisko UniSeam
Pisko SafeGrip roof ladder for standing seam roof, Pisko UniSeam
Pisko roof Walkway for standing seam roof, Pisko UniSeam
Extra bracket for walkway, Pisko UniSeam
Mounting platform for anchor point- Pisko Uniseam
Suitability chart, Pisko UniSeam