K-style rainwater system

A K-style rainwater system gives a solid impression. The K-style rainwater systems are made using Finnish SSAB’s GreenCoat RWS Pural material in compliance with green values.

The benefits of the RWS Pural coating include outstanding corrosion resistance, good bending properties, durable appearance, good dirt repellent properties and ease of cleaning. The GreenCoat RWS Pural gives a trendy matt impression due to the micro-structure of the coating. This gives the products a finalized and dignified look.

Both sides of Piristeel gutter coils (both inside and outside the gutter) are coated with the thickest and most durable rainwater system paint coat in the market that is completely chromate-free and also meets the chemical requirements of the REACH regulation. GreenCoat RWS Pural holds the best possible rating for UV resistance (Ruv4) and corrosion resistance (RC5).

K-style gutter diameters

– 125 mm
– 150 mm

Downpipe dimensions

– 75 x 100 mm

Stock downpipe lengths

– 2,5 m (total length of the downspout assembly 3.3 m)


Cross-sections and flow areas of gutters and downpipes

Dimensions for K-style gutters and down pipe.

The components of the system can be found in the K-style rainwater system product catalog.

Stock colors for K-style rainwater system

The standard colors for round rainwater systems are white RR 20, dark gray RR 23, dark brown RR 32, and black RR 33. Other RR and RAL color shades are also available.

K-style gutter and down pipe is available in all colors of the roof and facade.

End pipe of the K-style rainwater system is correctly aimed at the rainwater drain. This prevents water from splashing into the house structures.

Rainwater systems


Round rainwater system

Kantikas sadevesijärjestelmä

K-style rainwater system

Tyylikäs ja likaantumaton sadevesijärjestelmä

Supraflow rainwater system

Sadevesijärjestelmän ylläpito ja huolto

Rainwater system maintenance

Rainwater systems and roof safety products

Rainwater systems

Pisko rainwater systems conduct rainwater off the roof and building structures in a controlled way. The most extensive range in the market includes options for all tastes in all roofing and facade colors. The GreenCoat RWS Pural-coated rainwater system components come with a technical warranty for 50 years.

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Ladder products

Pisko SafeGrip, for a better grip. Pisko ladders provide safe access to roofs, the ridge of roofs, chimneys, roof hatches and other locations that require maintenance. The Pisko ladder range also offers solutions for a safe descent from balconies and upper floor rooms. The ladders are available in all roofing and facade colors. The Pisko SafeGrip ladder system comes with a technical warranty for 50 years.

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Snow guards

Pisko snow guards are used to prevent dangerous situations that can be caused by snow and ice falling from the roof. Snow guards can also protect structures installed on the roof. Our range includes snow guards for all roofing materials. Painted Pisko snow guards come with a technical warranty for 50 years.

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Roof walkways

A Pisko roof walkway ensures safe access to roof-mounted objects requiring maintenance in all conditions. The roof walkways are available in all roofing colors. The CE-marked roof walkway system has a technical warranty for 50 years.

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Safety equipment

Pisko safety equipment ensures safe access to the roof and moving to the maintenance sites on the roof. The safety equipment is available in all roofing and facade colors. Pisko safety equipment has a technical warranty for 50 years.

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Gutter coils and roofing sheet coils

Piristeel’s products include a wide range steel manufactured in Finland for various purposes. The raw materials are locally sourced and therefore an ecologically sustainable choice. We can deliver CE-marked 610 mm and 1250 mm roofing sheet coils and gutter coils on short notice from our warehouse.

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Pisko Solar

Roof fastenings for solar panels are an important part of the Solar assemblies compliant with green energy values. We offer an effective range of tested and safe solar panel roof brackets that withstand northern conditions. Pisko Solar solar panel brackets are always treated using Qualicoat 1-compliant powder coatings, and the products come with a technical warranty for 50 years.

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Pisko balcony fire hatch

The Pisko fire hatch is intended as an emergency exit route from the balconies of apartment buildings. The easy-to-use product ensures safe and fast evacuation from every floor of a high-rise building. All parts of the Pisko fire hatch have been treated using Qualicoat 1-compliant powder coats. The product has a technical warranty for 40 years.

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Pisko SafeLine wire system

NEW PRODUCT! Pisko SafeLine wire system takes safety to the next level!

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Pisko MultiFast

NEW PRODUCT! Pisko MultiFast is a fastening solution especially for low slope roofs.

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