Snow guards


Snow guards are used to prevent dangerous situations that may be caused by snow and ice falling from the roof. The snow guards can also protect structures installed on the roof. The snow stoppers must be used when the roof pitch is 1:8 or more. The snow guards must be positioned as close to the eaves as possible so that the load of the snow is directed towards load-bearing structures.

The Pisko snow guards are durable with a long life cycle. The snow guards and its mounting must bear a load of at least 5 kN/m in the direction of the inclined roof. The snow guards have been tested to meet the requirements of RT 85-11132 (Finland’s Building Information Foundation).

You can find all components of the snow guards in the snow guards product catalogue.


- material of the snow guards pipe: 1.25 mm, Zn, structural steel
- diameter of the snow guards pipe: 32 mm and length 3,000 mm
- material of the snow guards fasteners: 2.5 mm, Zn, steel

Stock colours:

The Pisko snow guards are available with powder paint coating.

The standard colours of the snow guards are light gray RR 21, gray RR 22, dark gray RR 23, red RR 29, brick red RR 750, twig green RR 11, dark brown RR 32 and black RR 33.


The products can also be delivered in other RR and RAL colour shades, as necessary.