Safety equipment

Safety equipment are used with the Pisko ladder and roof safety products, according to the requirements of the site and to the valid building regulations.
Together with the Pisko ladders and roof walkways, the safety equipment ensure safe movement in demanding maintenance sites where use of the personal safety equipment is necessary.

The safety equipment are made of hot galvanised or basin-galvanised steel. The safety equipment can also be ordered with powder paint coating in RR and RAL colour shades.

Safety equipment to the roof walkway

The roof walkway must be equipped with a safety rail or an open rail of at least 1,100 mm in height, if the house is over two storeys high and the roof pitch is 1:1.5 or more. When performing maintenance work on the roof, the lifeline is attached using the Pisko horizontal rail or rope fastener. The rope fastener can be used on roofs, where installation of the safety rail is not appropriate.

Safety accessories to the roof walkway

- Pisko horizontal rail system
- Pisko safety railing
- Pisko rope fastener


Safety equipment to the laddernousukisko

If the overall height of the entrance ladder is over 8 m, it must be equipped with a safety rail or back guard (The National Building Code of Finland F2). If the overall height of the ladder equipped with a back guard, exceeds 10 m, it must be equipped also with an intermediate landing (prEN 12437). The climbing distance between the landings must not exceed 6 m. For example, 18 m high ladder equipped with a back guard must have landings at heights of 6 m and 12 m.

The Pisko ladders can be equipped with Pisko vertical safety rail or Pisko back guard.

Safety accessories to the ladder

- Pisko back guard
- Intermediate landing of the back guard
- Pisko vertical safety rail

Pisko vertical safety rail with fall arrester

- The most lightweight safety rail made of steel
- Tested according to the latest standard EN 353-1:2014
- Fast and easy to install

Parts of Pisko vertival safety rail
Pisko vertical safety rail 2400 mm
Pisko end bow
Pisko vertical safety rail joint
Pisko rung fastener
Pisko releasable carriage stopper
Pisko fixed carriage stopper
Pisko climbing carriage


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