Roof walkways


The roof walkways are used as extensions of the wall and roof ladders in order to create safe access routes to maintenance targets on the roof, such as the chimney. The Pisko roof walkways are of solid construction and highly durable and the snow will permeate them easily. The roof walkways have undergone demanding tests to achieve very high quality. The Pisko roof walkways are CE marked.

The Pisko roof walkways can be easily and smoothly extended. Safety was one of the key factors when designing the roof walkways; there are anti-slip grates in the bridge. The same fasteners are used in both Pisko roof walkways and snow guards. In addition to the standard fasteners, the roof bridges are also equipped with an inclination adjustment plate. Fasteners are manufactured to all the most common roof types.

You can find all components of the roof walkways in the roof walkways product catalogue.CE


The roof walkways are manufactured, using hot galvanised steel and powder coating.

- Roof walkway material: 1.25 mm Zn
- Fastener material: 2.5 mm Zn

Access width of the roof walkway
- 350 mm

Length of the roof walkway
- 3,000 mm

Stock colours:

The Pisko roof walkways are available with powder paint coating.

The standard colours of the roof walkways are light gray RR 21, gray RR 22, dark gray RR 23, red RR 29, brick red RR 750, twig green RR 11, dark brown RR 32 and black RR 33.


The products can also be delivered in other RR and RAL colour shades, as necessary.