Ladder products

The Pisko ladders provide safe access to roofs, the ridge of roofs, chimneys, roof hatches and other targets that require maintenance. The Pisko ladder range also offer solutions for safe descents from balconies and upper floor rooms.

The Pisko ladders are manufactured using Finnish raw materials in our industrial hall located at Härsilä in Lapua, under very tight quality control. Our ladder range can offer solutions for both private housing and industrial construction.
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Simple diversity

The Pisko ladders are designed for diversified use. The same frames can be used in wall and roof ladders, safety ladders and side-mount ladders. In addition to the normal ladder frame, mounting accessories for the specific roof-type and purpose of use are used in the ladder.


The Pisko ladders are manufactured, using hot galvanised steel pipes. The ladders are compiled by riveting. The ladder frame material thickness is 1.25 mm.

The ladder frame materials
- Rail material: Zn 1.25 x 25 x 45 mm
- Round pipe: 1.25 x 25 mm

Access width
- 400 mm


Stock colours and lengths:

Standard dimensions for ladders are 0.9 m, 1.2 m, 1.8 m, 2.7 m, 3.3 m, 4.2 m. The ladders can be easily interconnected, using contractions in the ladder frame. For example, 2.7 m and 3.3 m ladders can be connected to a 6 m ladder. The joint is secured with a screw connection.

The standard colours of the ladders are white RR 20, light gray RR 21, gray RR 22, dark gray, RR 23, red RR 29, brick red RR 750, twig green RR 11, dark brown RR 32 and black RR 33.


The products can also be delivered in other RR and RAL colour shades, as necessary.


Wall ladders

Using Pisko wall ladders, access to the roof is safe. The Pisko wall ladders meet the strength and corrosion resistance requirements specified in the RT building information card on house ladders (RT 85-10708).

The Pisko wall ladders are suitable for both private houses and industrial buildings. The ladders can be equipped with a safety rail for climbing or hoops if required by the conditions (read more on the ladders’ safety equipment). Other available accessories for Pisko ladders include, among others, an anti-climbing guard to hinder children from climbing onto the ladder.

You can find the ladder components in the wall ladder product catalogue.

Pisko seinätikkaalla pääset turvallisesti katolle.Seinätikas ja kattosilta takaavat turvallisen liikkumisen katolle.


Roof ladders

The roof ladders are used as extensions of wall ladders and/or roof bridges, in order to build safe access routes on the roof. The Pisko roof ladders can be used, for example, by chimney sweepers for easy access to the chimney. The Pisko roof ladders are CE marked for each roof type. The roof ladders have undergone demanding static and dynamic tests, under the control of VTT. The Pisko roof ladders are also subjected to very tight tests during production.

You can find the components for ladders used in roofs in the roof ladder product catalogue.

Lapetikas ja kattosiltaPisko lapetikas asennettuna keskikiinnikkeellä.

Safety ladders

The Pisko safety ladders are a safe choice for emergency exits of detached houses. The emergency ladders must be installed if the window is positioned over 3.5 metres above the ground (The National Building Code of Finland F2). As necessary, side bars can be installed to the safety ladder to facilitate moving to the ladder through the window.

The components of the safety ladders and side bars can be found in the product catalogue of the safety ladders.

Pisko turvatikas takaa turvallisen poistumisen yläkerran ikkunasta hädänhetkellä.Turvatikas


The Pisko product family also provides a solution for emergency exits for block of flats. The Pisko emergency exit hatch offers a safe exit route in an emergency.


- Powder-coated stove-enamelled galvanised steel
- Aluminum upper cover plate
- Ladder opened: 1,900 x 450 mmpisko_pelastautumisluukku

The Pisko escape hatch is tested by VTT to meet the requirements of the fire resistance class EI 60, when using two 30 mm mineral wool sheets, and the requirements of the fire resistance class EI 120, when using two 50 mm mineral wool sheets for insulation. Test reports VTT-S-03346-11 and VTT-S-01772-11 are available.

Please contact us to obtain further information on the Pisko escape hatch!