Gutter machines

We manufacture half-round Rainway gutter machines of 125 mm and 150 mm. We also produce gutter machine accessories, such as strip reels for vertical coiling, reel stands and support stands for running the gutters.

We import gutter machines manufactured by the American gutter and roofing sheet giant New Tech Machinery.

In addition to gutter machines, we offer high-quality electrical SSX Seamer shutters, Tapco MAX-I-MUM folding machines and their spare parts.


Half round gutter machines


 Rainway 125 mm automaattikourukone


We manufacture the Rainway gutter machines at our own factory in Kauhava. Our range includes 125 mm and 125 mm deep/150 mm Rainway gutter machines and 150 mm Rainway Heavy Duty for processing copper, aluminum and steel. The Rainway gutter machine is the right tool for the production of high-quality eave gutters.

Various accessories are available for Rainway gutter machines.

Please contact us if you want additional information and an offer on Rainway gutter machines. You can find more detailed information on gutter machines in the brochure!



Kuvassa Rainway 150 mm kourukone manuaalikatkaisulla ja rullatelineellä.Kuvassa Rainway 150 mm kourukone manuaalikatkaisulla ja haspelilla.





HD Kourukone rullatelineellä

Download a brochure on the HD gutter machine!

Angular gutter machines



NTM Kanttinen kourukone 6


Piristeel Oy has a contract with New Tech Machinery. According to the contract, Piristeel has an exclusive right to resell all New Tech machines in Scandinavia and the Baltic Countries. New Tech Machinery has long traditions. The company’s eave gutter machines for the production of angular gutters, as well as standing seam and lock seam roof panel machines, are of the highest quality on the market today.

For angular gutters, the range includes 125 mm and 150 mm NTM Mach II gutter machines and 125 mm/150 mm NTM Combo gutter machine.

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You can also download a brochure on the NTM Mach II gutter machines

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